Doctor Doctor, I just can’t stop spending money! Pizza punchline contest.

Pizza punchline contest

Pizza punchline contest

A few weeks back on a Radio programme, the sports presenter mentioned his love of pizzas, leaving me praising the merits of a BBQ over a tomato base.  And now I’ve 3 x free Dominos vouchers to give away…

Why the vouchers?

Soon after the programme Domino’s got in touch to offer me a series of ‘free pizza vouchers’ so I could enjoy their BBQ range. Now tempting as this was, it’s the start of a weird path. After all would Aston Martin do the same? So I said I couldn’t take the vouchers but if they wanted to give any to site users that’d be fab.

Now I’ve three vouchers for totally free any size any time Domino’s pizzas sitting on my desk, so I’ve racked my brains on who to give them too.

The Joke contest

In the end, I think silliness is the best option, so the three funniest punchlines to this joke (judged by me, so be warned, naff puns are favoured) posted in the forum by Fri 17 Sept will get them.

Doctor Doctor, I just can’t stop spending money?

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