Danger! Money lessons may get you thumped

Money lessons can be dangerous

Money lessons can be dangerous

Be careful what you teach kids about brands, you may just get thumped for telling them Manchester United are a business…

I was doing a talk at the LSE, and afterwards a chap called James came up to me to talk about financial education (see financial education campaign part II  blog).

He was a maths teacher in a school and used the teen cash class content with his classes. He said it went down really well with the kids, with one exception:

As part of the class he’d put pictures of lots of logos on the board eg. Barclays, Manchester United, Sainsbury’s, Talk Talk, Orange, Pixar Studios etc.

He then asked the kids what they all have in common, and they didn’t know, saying "they’re all different, football clubs, supermarkets, mobile phone companies".

Then he explained that they’re all businesses and their job is to make money. Yet one boy simply refused to believe that was Manchester United’s job, and even threatened to punch his teacher if he kept saying so.

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