Wow it actually types as I talk! Sadly my RSI is back

RSI makes it painful to type

I’m writing this blog on my new speech dictation system, and quite deliberately I am not going to correct any mistakes it makes. Sadly my RSI is back, after a good nine or 10 months being completely clear its flared up again so my hand is swollen,there is a not in my right shoulder blade and typing hurts.

As typically I write about 5000 words a day as accommodation of e-mails articles and information for the site, RSI is incredibly debilitating. As I have a new laptop since my last bout, I’ve had to get new software of the old one was not compatible with the new 64-bit computer.

And this version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 seemed to be a vast improvement (combined with the increase processing power my new laptop house).

I am of course being slightly unfair by not correcting the mistakes as  the program learns your speech as you go along and it’s very early days, but I thought it would be interesting to those people reading this to see how good or bad it is.  It’s also a little bit of a struggle to learn to punctuate a syndicate (that was meant to be punctuate as you dictate).

The real challenge I found before with speech dictation though, isn’t the writing but if the editing and finessing of documents, as whole sentences are easy but directing the mouse on the page using speech dictation is much tougher.

No suggestions needed my RSI

I know how kind many MoneySavers are, whenever I’ve written about my RSI in the past I get swamped with suggestions of what to do to make it better. 

While I do appreciate the thoughts, I’ve  been living with our asylum after 10 years (note space ha ha that was meant to say I’ve been living with RSI for 10 years), I have tried everything under the sun – new bed, osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, tens machines, changing my desk set up, gym workouts, compression bathing and a host of others that I can’t be bothered going into.

What I’ve learnt in the end is the one thing that makes my RSI better is time, less typing and not using the stylus on my mobile phone.  So while I do appreciate the gestures of anybody planning to email or reply to me with suggestions, actually all it does is create a bit more typing for me so it’d be great if you tell me by not doing so. Last time I had about only lasted six weeks and this time I started using speech dictation much earlier so hope it won’t last as long.

Anyway I hope you been able to understand this and I must make sure to remember to ask my team not to proof it  or it’ll lose the ‘charm’.

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