The MSE Towers’ Budget Airline Jacket-Bag…

Budget airline jacket bag

Budget airline jacket bag

Ever since my ITV beat the budget airlines programme last week, I’ve been swamped with questions about my 22 pocket jacket,  which lets you carry additional laptops, books and more on budget airlines. In fact the MSE team like it so much I’ve agreed to buy an office one.

What’s the point of the jackets?

With checked in baggage costing £40 return, having hand luggage only is the way to go. Yet that means you can only take 10Kg max  (for more tips see the beat budget airline fees guide).

So take a multi-pocket jacket too, stuff it like a fat suit, wear it to board then shove it in the overhead storage. I’ve not heard of anyone being rejected (yet).

Where to get the jackets from

To push it to the max, for the programme I used a 22-pocket US Scottevest that fitted a laptop, towels, books & more – and gave them to the family to use.

It ain’t cheap though, so check your closet or try a camping store for things like Regattas, Zebcos and CrossHatchs, which at £20ish are less than the baggage charges. The key to this is finding one with a poacher’s pocket (big pocket at the back).

The new MSE towers jacket

We’re going to buy one of the cheap large sized jackets, then anyone of the 30 members of the team travelling on a budget airline can take it with them, under the condition they must take a photo in their chosen desination with the jacket on that we’ll blog right here.

MSE Jenny is off to Portugal this weekend, so provided the jacket arrives in time she should be first.

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