Moira Stuart and the Misfit…

Picture the scenario, you’ve seen someone off the telly, and for once got so excited you want to go have your picture taken with them, but feel a prat for doing so. The solution? Take Moira Stuart along as your photographer of course!

Yesterday, thanks to the delightful invite from my agent, Mrs MSE and I got to go to one of the pinnacles of the ‘society calendar’, the Cartier polo at Windsor, as guests of Cartier , another of my agents’ clients.

The day starts by walking past the gamut of photographers, which I always find uncomfortable as I don’t know where to look and feel bit of a fraud, though as Mrs MSE looked gorgeous not much focus was on me anyway. In fact, a few even asked me to step aside for the ‘fashion shot’, which is fun as Mrs MSE was again in high street clothes, amongst the designer and couture – we’ll see if she makes the fashion pages as she did last year (see my the girl in the £35 dress blog).

It’s a spectactular day, most of which is spent in the glamorous marquee, sipping Pimms and eating an Anton Mosimann lunch of ridiculously high quality considering you’re effectively in the middle of a field.

Yet as I’ve written about that in previous years (see my How the other 1% live, and So Michael Buerk, what’s the manly way to hold a fan? Blogs), on with the story…

Moira and the misfit

Midway through the afternoon while having sandwiches and petit fours (don’t you know), we were sitting having a great chat with Moira Stuart, who is simply hilarious and, even better, has a naughty streak (made better still by her sultry voice), as well as a few others.

Then across the room, beyond the models and society people I spotted Nathan from Misfits, one of our favourite shows (see my Misfits v Being Human blog). OK it was actually the actor Robert Sheehan who plays Nathan, but you get the point.

While this is a completely star-studded event packed with the likes of Geri Halliwell, Katherine Jenkins and many others – for me the Misfits star was REALLY exciting, so I had to have a photo.

Even though I’d already been approached by people myself asking for photos (which I don’t mind), I am really quite shy about asking others, so started discussing tactical ways to try and do it without feeling a prat. Then the ‘Moira’ angle came up (after all, who can turn down Moira Stuart?), and I took Mrs MSE along for extra backup.

My ploy succeeded, as you can see from the picture of Mrs MSE, Robert and I. Taking a news legend as a photographer is a wonderful icebreaker; it’s a shame Moira isn’t available more often! Then again, her photo skills were a little tepid; it took a good few attempts for her to press the right button!

P.S. Seems like Mrs MSE did get picked up by the fashion pages.

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