How many times? “If your bank says no to PPI reclaiming, it’s not a failure!”

If bank says no, go to the Ombudsman!

If bank says no, go to the Ombudsman!

How many times must something be said before it hits public consciousness? I’ve been campaigning about reclaiming PPI insurance for years, and have ALWAYS said to expect your bank to reject the claim as real justice comes at the next stage, the Ombudsman.

Yet while I was at the restaurant with Mrs. MSE, the waiter came up to me and said…

“Thanks for your help, I tried that payment protection insurance thing, but it didn’t work.”

That’s always a shame, of course there’s no 100% guaranteed success but it has a good chance, so I asked him what the Ombudsman said, his reply made my heart sink,

“The Ombudsman, what’s that? I just wrote to the bank telling them I’d been missold PPI, using your letters, but they said I hadn’t.”

Of course I politely replied and explained the situation, and told him to carry on and go to the Ombudsman. But how many others are under this misapprehension?

Not sure what more can be done?

It’s the mainstay of the PPI reclaiming guide, the three prime time TV programmes I’ve done on it, my News of the World columns on it, every GMTV appearance and scores of other appearances or articles. I always make this point loud and large.

He used the guide to do it and in there I’ve even put a massive mnemonic poem (even though I’m verse-ally challenged):

“Complain to your bank
And it’ll say no
Then it’s off to the Ombudsman
Where your chances grow”

Unless people get this core point, the banks will win. Some reject all PPI complaints out of course, in the full knowledge that 99% of people who take them to the Financial Ombudsman will win. Yet as the waiter proves, this tactic obviously works.

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