Bad joke but hilarious responses

"It was a Shih-Tzu!" - Get it?

"It was a Shih-Tzu!" - Get it?

Every Friday on my Facebook page it’s become a bit of a tradition that I write something a wee bit funny and wish everyone a good weekend.   This week’s was a rewrite of a good old groaner, but it’s the responses from some MoneySavers that are really roll on the floor funny…

My status update was…

“This is NOT a bargain! Went to this new place that’s trying to compete as a cheaper version of London zoo, that wanted listing on our summer holiday zoos page. However when I got there there, outrageously all the cages were empty except for one, which just had a small dog in it – it was a Shih-tzu! (sorry). Have a great weekend.”

While of course many saw it for the poor humour that it is, there were some corking comments, my particular favourite being,

“Oh dear. I read it through. Twice. Then complained to my hubby about the sort of places that want our money these days. Couldn’t work out why he was smirking!”

Though others I liked included (hope no one minds me putting them here),

“It took far too long for me to get this one…..I was in bed when I finally got it!!!!”

“Nice one, but actually could be a good premise for a business. Like the Tussauds that has the waxworks of famous people who look nothing like who they are supposed to, or like the realistic ones in Madame Tussauds. Have a bargain basement zoo with made-up animals, stuffed toys etc. in a variety of zoo type settings. Banksy did a great one in his Bristol exhibition, with fishfingers swimming in a goldfish bowl. Fun, family, amusing day out at a great price. No inflated food or drink prices here. Right, I’m off to pitch my idea to the Dragons in the Den. I’m out!”

“No, you’re joking, right?”

“I’ve stolen it, edited a bit and put the Scottish version on the Autism in Scotland FB group discussion about going to the zoo at the weekend :). Good timing, Martin!”

“Every time you post one of these I think it’s a real story till the last line. You’d think I’d have learned by now!“

“Have you been to London Zoo?? It’s almost as bad as that joke Martin…have a good weekend everyone….x”

“Oh my, you need help.”


Love it.  You can read the rest of them on the page.

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