Reduced from £2.7m to £20 – BARGAIN!

Is this the biggest ever saving on Amazon, why a camera connection cable should’ve been priced at more than the cost of a luxury yacht I’m not quite sure, but it almost makes you want to snap it up.

Take a look at the screen grab

Amazon bargain!

Amazon bargain!

Thanks to MoneySaver Richard B who sent this in.

He did so referring to the weekly email so I presume the result was generated by the Amazon Discount Finder Tool that is linked there.

It does raise up one issue we’re aware of – the tool builds pages of big discounts – searching for reduced products (and we’re about to upgrade it to make it even better).  It’s been incredibly popular, far more than we ever thought it would be – yet the problem is it relies on the info Amazon itself publishes, so if that’s wrong so’s the tool.

We do warn people of this, and to check prices compared to other things, but you have to hope most people have enough sense to check whether the actual price is a bargain not just the size of the discount.

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