MSE breaks into world’s top 1,000 sites

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It’s been a while since I last wrote the words “biggest day ever” but on Wednesday the site smashed its all time record for the most visits in a day with 1.15million  (and every other user metric too) and making it onto the WORLD’S biggest 1,000 sites list (well for the day)…

The records are always on a Wednesday as that’s the day most the weekly emails go out. Beating the record requires a strong mix of subjects and this week’s email was a corker.

Most popular was the free fridges deal, with last chance laptops, cheap MOTs, high street sales, travel insurance and the free world cup bet all in the running for second place.

The last record was on 25 November (see my Champagne beats bank charges blog) due to the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. So to break that during the summer, typically a slightly quieter period, is good news for the site.

For stats nerds here’s the details:


Unique Users

Visit to
MSE Main site
(excl forum)

Page Views

This Wed





Prior Record (25 Nov)





World Rankings…

The stats page, which is reasonable, though not super accurate, shows that we were the 820th biggest site in the world on Wednesday. That’s great, it’s rare we hit the top 1,000.

Currently on a three month average we’re the 1,606th biggest in the world and 50th biggest in the UK.

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