Just found out I’ve a daughter called Hannah

Just found out I've a daughter!

I’ve just found out I’ve got a daughter and her name is Hannah, this has come as something of a shock…

Now before you think this is about to get really salacious and are wondering who the mother is, it’s actually my wife Mrs. MSE. Confused? That’s not surprising, so let’s go through it – some of you may remember this blog My wife’s pregnant, or so a newspaper tells us – where according to the Independent Mrs. MSE was expecting.

We had no clue where it got that from, as is was an absolute load of nonsense. To be fair to the paper, it apologised and deleted that bit off its website. Yet unfortunately once something’s out there people follow it up. So today we’ve discovered what a wiki based biography of Mrs MSE is reporting:

"Personal Life _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

On December 10, 2007, Lara married fellow TV presenter Martin Lewis. Following her marriage, she began using her married name professionally, being credited as Lara Lewis.

In November 2009, she revealed in a magazine interview that she was four months pregnant with her first child, due in April 2010. On April 17, 2010, she gave birth to a daughter, Hannah.”

It really is quite astonishing, just a few slight corrections…

  • We got married in May 2009
  • Lara still uses Lara Lewington as her professional name
  • Lara didn’t give a magazine interview in November 2009
  • The revelation about four months pregnant was in the Independent as part of a profile on me not in any interview, and was incorrect
  • We don’t have a child!
  • If we did have a child it wouldn’t be called Hannah (especially if it was a boy), not that Hannah’s not a nice name

Otherwise the story is pretty accurate!

These things can be quite destructive. Last time we faced uncomfortable questions from people who thought our ‘denial’ meant something had gone wrong. What will people who read this assume of our none mentioning the ‘baby’?

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