Cherry Error, a MoneySaving failure confession

A cherry error

A cherry error

Whenever I’m intereviewed in profiles they always ask “do you ever make a MoneySaving mistake, ever lose your discipline?”, the answer is “of course” though examples never seem to spring to mind.  Yet Friday night I made a basic cherry error.

Leaving MSE Towers for home at 8pm on Friday night, Mrs MSE called and asked me to “buy some veg” just as I’d left the nearby Morrisons to get eggs. 

The convenient place to stop was the M&S food store at the local garage and after a 13 hour day convenience counts. Along with the veg, I spotted an appertising smallish pack of cherries and knew we were fruitless at home. They had a £1 off sticker, but no actual price, so I guessed they’d be a couple of quid.

At the till I was texting, so typed my pin in without thinking about the £8 bill. Only as I left did I realise that was out of order, I checked and saw the cherries were a vastly overpriced £4.05.

I knew I should take them back, not due to lack of affordability, financially of course that’s not an issue, just due to bad value. Yet sometimes even MoneySavingExperts can’t face is. At least they tasted good.
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