MSE Marathon Team Roll of Honour

London marathon

London marathon

They’ve been in training for months – with runs before work and after – and this weekend it came to fruition.  This morning there’s a lot of limping and groaning round the office, but the six valiant triers all did brilliantly and raised serious cash for their charities.  And as I know many of the regulars will want to know how it went here goes…

  • MSE Neil.  Sadly our lead developer Neil, who was pushing for a seriously fast time in his second marathon, was taken ill at 18 miles (reached in a blitzing 2 hrs 30mins) and was unable to complete – a shame as he’d put a lot of hard work in. He’s off today, but should be back soon.
  • MSE Darren – 4hr 10mins.  Our lead designer stonked home in a seriously good time for his first ever marathon. His comment: “They put kilometre markers in as well as mile markers, and in miles 20 to 24 you see them clinging on to the hope that it’s another mile done, but it never is – from 24 miles on though – its all focus to the end”.
  • MSE Dan – 4hr 30 mins.  Web Editor Dan stonked home in his first marathon too in a seriously good time  – with an almost continual run, though hitting the wall at 15 miles. However, as he was wearing a logo (we’d done team shirts), he had the sad ignominy of someone running past tapping him on the shoulder and going “you’re not Martin Lewis” – though as he’s ten years younger than me – he should be thankful they could tell the difference.
  • MSE Guy – 4hr 50 mins. Another top performing first timer, his text when he finished said it all “I’m done. Hardest thing ever!” – now as Guy is our news editor and a specialist at getting lots of info out at speed I think the brevity of the text says it all.
  • MSE Adam – 5hr 30 mins. This was our developer Adam’s first ever run of any type – no half marathons, 10ks or anything, so a superb effort, though I think normally super smart Adam was a little discombobulated. He called me just after to say “Hi Congratulations,” – I replied “Adam I haven’t run it”, he went “yeah congratulations, it’s amazing, I’m hurting so much” – I decided to let him off the phone.
  • MSE Archna – 5hr 37mins. This was our planning editor Archna’s second run, and she smashed her previous record by twenty minutes – though she’s actually a little disappointed in it – which is nonsense as it’s a surperb effort.

Now as I’ve never run more than 6km in my entire life I think the whole team did superbly – however I won’t be doing a Duchess of York and committing myself to it next year – I am considering a 10km but that’s about it.

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