Money and sex…

Finance ed scrapped

Finance ed scrapped

I felt the news that compulsory financial education’s been shelved drop in my stomach. It’s a totally wasted opportunity and yesterday was a depressing day because of it. I’m currently mulling what to do to keep it on the agenda, maybe a petition, we’ll see…

Yet at least a little bit of humour came out of it. While MSE Guy was writing the news story on it the following conversation happened:

MSE Guy: “Why are you saying sex education is to blame for this.”

Me: “Well it’s because the parties couldn’t agree on the parental opt out for sex education. The Tories wanted it until 16 which means many kids wouldn’t get it, Labour at 15 so they’d get at least one year.”

MSE Guy: “So why does that hit financial education?”

Me: “Because the two are both part of the PSHE and because no agreement could be reached before parliament shut for the election making that statutory has been shelved.”

MSE Guy: “So what you’re saying is you need money to have sex?”

At that point the conversation abrubtly stopped!

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