Is ‘chivalry’ a danger to security?

Is chivalry a danger to security?

Is 'chivalry' a danger to security?

MSE Towers is based in a multi-company office complex in London’s Shepherds bush; we share the building with lots of companies including Endemol, the makers of Big Brother…

While of course each office has its own security, and there are the usual CCTV and more doors within the building, at the main exits there’s a security guard who signs in guests (those without an electronic pass).

Now recently I’ve noticed that if I’m going out through an exit and there are people walking to get in, I automatically find myself holding the door open to let them through, especially, as my maybe old fashioned manners teach, if they’re women.

It occurred to me today that by doing so I could easily be letting people without passes into the building, so now I face the dilemma.

Do I do the manners thing and open the door, or do I slip through it closing it behind me so they need use their own pass, which could look very rude?

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