What should I ask George Osborne? Question suggestions wanted.

What should I ask George Osborne?

What should I ask George Osborne?

Update 16 Mar 06… Read the full George Osborne Interview Transcript

On Thursday I’m part of a panel of four interviewing the Conservative Shadow Chancellor George Osborne MP for the News of The World. As far as I know there’s a senior economist, business person, city financier and me.

While of course I have my own ideas, I thought I would tap MoneySavers for what issues you need answers from him.

Of course my role is to look at consumer issues, so credit cards, shopping, mortgage and savings policy, bank charges are core territory. So what you’d like to know should be within those subjects or similar ones.

One thing I can guarantee you I will be asking is “If the Conservatives were to form the next Government, will you ensure that compulsory personal finance education in schools continues as planned for September 2011?” (see the a nation educated into debt editorial comment).

And just in case you’re wondering why I want to pull that one out, it’s because I suspect this blog will get read by his people, and I’d like him to be prepared so he can either give a huge great big positive commitment there and then, or be prepared to tell MoneySavers they won’t back it up (see the MSE Education poll result for how many are in favour).

What would you like me to ask?

So if you have any suggestions for questions within the appropriate areas please let me know using the link below.

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