The Shouting Men Film Premiere – not my usual Tuesday!

The Shouting Men film premiere

The Shouting Men film premiere

Normally Tuesdays are sacrosanct, it’s the day we send the weekly money tips email, so from the moment I get up (which is early as it’s a GMTV day), barring a few appearances, it’s all guns a blazin’ until we finish sometime before 10pm (on a good day)…

My diary is permanently blocked out on that day, nothing comes ahead of it. But this week was an exception, I got invited to the 6pm film premiere of The Shouting Men (link shows the trailer), a new Brit flick comedy following a potty mouthed, disabled football thug as he lands a bunch of misfits in trouble (see the Guardian Review for a proper description).

Why break the Tuesday rule? Simple, Mrs MSE was in it, and if there’s one thing that comes ahead of the weekly e-mail, it’s Mrs MSE. She plays herself in it, a TV reporter who is following the story of Gillingham’s trip to Newcastle, and mistakenly believes the thug’s a victim.

Now while I suspect my review is slightly coloured with bias, I have to say I loved it and was laughing out loud most of the way through. It’s got a good heart, quick paced, road trip feel to it, mixed up with a bit of toilet humour and some great one liners.

The oddity though was sitting in the cinema at 6 o’clock, having to go through emails about the weekly email, as this week there were some issues that needed careful legal handling.

Then as we briefly popped into the after show party, I was leaning over a chair to get close to the window so I could hear the lawyer I was on the phone too, when I felt Mrs MSE tug at my jacket tails. It turned out a photographer was snapping pictures of her and me, with the seat of m’pants in plain sight!

Then back home to carry on with the email!

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