My Top 10 Blogs, from Christmas to Pooing!

From Christmas to pooing!

Everyone to have a pension

I just got sent the stats for which my top ten most read blogs were over the last year – and it’s intriguing reading, here’s the full rundown…

  1. Is it time to ban Christmas presents?
  2. Spam Spotter Rules: Its the bit before the .com that counts
  3. The Private Parking industry hits back
  4. Why are women too scared to pooh?
  5. Give pocket money as pay, otherwise you’re trust fund teaching
  6. Meeting the minister on tax credits & childcare vouchers black hole
  7. ICICI: is it safe?
  8. Why don’t I do TV money makeover on those in horrible debt?
  9. Money Saving Expert in Poundland shopping spree shocket!
  10. Move over Martyn Lewis, uh oh here comes yet another bigger, badder Martin Lewis

It’s certainly quite a bizarre mix of serious and not so – and I should say at the rate the women too scared to poo blog is being read it will continue to move up the pile.

The main surprise for me was the blog in tenth place as its four years old – then i did a google search for “Martyn Lewis” and saw it came top. So I think if people are trying to come to the site and spelling my name wrong they are hitting it from google.

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