Tim Vine… we’ve got your number

Weve got your number!

We've got your number!

This is a message to pun-meister comedian Tim Vine…. we’ve got your number! Mrs MSE and I are going along with Jeremy Vine (Tim’s brother) and Mrs Vine to see a gig soon, and luckily someone has just sent me this denofgeek article.

Here’s a quick cut and paste of the offending paragraph…

On your last DVD, in the extras you showed you getting your dad on stage to tell a joke. Are you bringing any family members along this time to do the same?

[Laughs] I think my brother’s coming along to one of the London gigs, so I might do an impression of him! And I think Martin Lewis is coming too, from Money Saving Expert. I shall probably take the mickey out of them! Maybe I should get my brother up on stage?!”

So we’re prepared – watch out (erm… how being prepared is actually going to help I’m not quite sure… but we’ll think of something).

Will you be using one of m’jokes?

Having said that I must admit I’m stoked at the thought one of my jokes may be used in the act.

Prior to reading this article I got a message from Jeremy who’d read my Tim Vine joke contest blog.

It seemed Tim liked the following that I wrote and asked if he could use it…

“I was in a shop the other day, they put the heating on full blast, I complained to the manager ‘it’s over 90 degrees in here’ he said ‘stop being so obtuse!”

It’d be a privilege to hear that delivered in true TV style and make up for any taking the Michael that’s done (and surely Jeremy is a far funnier target than me anyway!).

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