Settled down, engaged, married, kids… what’s the next question?

Engagement, wedding, babies...what next?

Engagement, wedding, babies...what next?

On Friday night in the office, we were celebrating MSE Dan’s engagement to his girlfriend, now fiancée, Laura the week before (huge congratulations to them both)…

I instantly thought of my own engagement. Within three minutes everyone started asking ‘when’s the date’ and the pressure came on to sort out the wedding.

Then it occurred to me, in adult life there are always these constant big questions that friends, and especially family, ask…

For me they’ve been:

  • When single – “when are you going to settle down?”
  • When in a stable relationship – “when are you going to get engaged?”
  • When engaged – “when are you going to get married?”
  • When married – “when are you going to have children?”

I’ve always found they grate somewhat, after all they are so obvious. Surely if a decision had been made I would’ve told people?

What’s next?

So I wanted to ask those further on in these life stages…. what are the next ones? What do I have to ‘look forward to’?

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