New Record: Over 9.5m people visited in January

New record: 9.5m people visited the site

New record: 9.5m people visited the site

Quick update for stats nerds: we smashed the site’s visitor numbers in January and the figures (generated by Google Analytics) show a staggering 9.5 million different people came to visit the site in January.

That means more than one in five UK adults came to the site at some point and not far from one in the three adults who are online

Here’s the full stats:

  • There were 9.5m unique users (prev. record 8.6m in Nov)
  • They made 18.0m separate visits (16.5m)
  • And read 82.6m different pages on the site (75.9m)

You’ll note there’s no “hits” figure in there. That’s because frankly it’s meaningless, it’s just about how many objects e.g. images are on a page, so a site could have lots of hits without many users just because it has lots of objects. That’s why many small sites use the term. It sounds impressive, but means nothing.

As always with these things there can be some discrepancies. For example a family all using one computer will often only count as one unique user when it should be more – or a person who uses the site at home, work and on an iphone would count as three.

Unlike many of the previous record breaks, this one was expected. January is always the biggest month for money and if you take out ongoing growth it’s even bigger. Yet as the site is constantly growing, by the end of the year we tend to overtake the January figure.

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