My wife’s getting jiggy with Michael Fish – and I’m going to have to vote for it!

Its raining men

It's raining men

There are some things you thought you’d never say. For me, “my wife’s getting jiggy with Michael Fish” is right up there, but it’s true…

On Saturday night Mrs. MSE is taking part in the Sports Relief Let’s Dance programme as part of the weather girls’ team. Alongside GMTV’s Claire Nasir and ITV’s Becky Mantin, she’ll be dancing to a pretty appropriate song for weather people (Im not allowed to give it away). And who’s the secret sexy ‘hunk’ due to appear in the midst who pops up as the object of their lust… Mr. Fish.

I’m going along to the studio to watch as part of the cheer squad, and for once I’ll find myself dialling the number of a TV phone to vote for her – all other support welcome too!

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