Happy 7th birthday MoneySavingExpert.com!

Happy Birthday MSE

Happy Birthday MSE

This site was founded 7 years ago today, 22 February, and the design cost me £100. I’d drawn exactly what I wanted on a piece of paper and sent it out to a designer in Uzbekistan (see MSE history).

Prior to that, while I used the same URL, it was effectively just my home page and looked like this: MSE pre launch.

Then the new site launched with proper navigation (ish) and the forum for the first time – MSE just launched.

It’s been through a few iterations since then such as 2005 MSE and 2007 MSE to get where it is now.

The site is now roughly the UK’s 55th biggest, with over 9 million unique users in a month and 4 million getting the weekly money tips email.

It’s grown far beyond what I ever dreamed it could be, and is now far bigger and beyond me, not just the team of nearly 30 working full time, but the movement and concept that’s grown behind it.

There are areas in the forum discussing subjects I know little about, yet the contributors and volunteers make that an amazing social resource too.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped – long may it continue.

Happy Birthday MSE!

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