Are annoying ads really bad – would you go compare with GoCompare?

Most annoying tv ads

Most annoying tv ads

This week’s poll is all about which of the current crop of financial ads is the most annoying. The runaway winner so far with 54% of the vote is GoCompare (see annoying ads vote).

In the linked forum discussion there are a number of people complaining that ad people must’ve been paid good money to come up with something so annoying.

Is an annoying ad actually bad?

Perhaps annoying means memorable which means brand building.

How many people now instinctively start singing the tune, and therefore cementing GoCompare, a relatively new company, into the nation’s consciousness (not too bad a thing as it’s one of the top comparison sites in the car insurance and home insurance guides).

Certainly the compare the meerkat ads which started the latest comedy trends worked, and the company saw a massive upturn in business. Of course that’s rated far less annoying but isn’t advertising partly about how memorable something is?

Now the ‘funnies’ are everywhere and it’d be interesting to know if they’ve closed the gap on the brand building power of Mr. Orlov.

So to those who find GoCompare annoying (which is the majority) the real question is does it make you more or less likely to visit it (ignoring the fact that I hope you’d check out the MSE guide on the relevant subject and use that)? And while your instinctive answer may be “I wouldn’t go near it” are you sure the name recognition wouldn’t actually power through at the right time?

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