Misfits vs. Being Human

TVs great questions

TV's great questions

Television has presented us all with great questions such as “Should I stay or should I go now?”, “Cheese and Onion or Salt ‘n’ Vinegar?”, “Blur or Oasis”. My new dilemma is “Which is better, Misfits or Being Human?”

I’m so enamoured with the two, I feel obliged to swerve away from Money Saving for a second to introduce the shows to those who aren’t aware of such programming genius.

    Being Human is a BBC3 (and BBC1) drama about a vampire who’s trying to give up blood sucking (aka an addict), a werewolf who hates his dark side (aka someone with anger issues) and a Ghost (aka an agoraphobic) who share a house.

    Misfits is an E4 drama about a group of Asbo youngsters doing community service who, due to a storm, are imbibed with mystical but not necessarily useful superpowers (e.g. the attractive promiscuous girl who if she’s touched by a man he instantly wants her in a pseudo-rape way – or the boy who already has no friends, unwittingly becomes invisible).

Both stem from the joy of supernatural social outcasts and the mundane nature of their lives, interspersed with a touch of fighting, violence, gang warfare and tribalism. And while I like Heroes, which you could put into the same genre, it isn’t in the same league as these two home grown British joys.

If you’ve never seen them, they’re worth the effort, get hooked and enjoy! It’s free (unless you’re watching on subscription telly) entertainment.

As for which is best, currently Misfits is a touch ahead, but I suspect that’s because it’s the one I watched most recently. A new series of Being Human starts tonight (I’m writing this on Sunday) and that may swing the pendulum (though I may not be able to watch it live due to three early morning GMTV starts).

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