Losing my wedding ring at GMTV

Artists Impression

Artist's Impression

If you watch GMTV tomorrow morning, you may note I’m not wearing my wedding ring, and have slightly red-rimmed eyes.

Yesterday was a mega filming morning at GMTV to do the Money Makeover special. Yet in the midst of that kerfuffle and a huge range of slots, at 11.45 I looked down and felt my heart sink, as I realised my ring was missing.

Now I never take the ring off, ever, and it’s far too tight to fall off.

In my despair I told the lovely producer Camille (whose wedding anniversary it turned out to be) she distinctly remembered seeing it on my hand during the Tues live show, so I knew there was no chance it was at home. Then I had the instinctive memory of fiddling with it earlier in the day, but where and when I couldn’t remember.

Worse still, as the Lorraine element of GMTV is sometimes recorded and this week was one of those, I only had about ten minutes before I was back on air – so Camille volunteered “you focus on your work – I’ll look for the ring”, and quickly mobilised a few people to help out and send an email round.

Then I had to go on and record deals of the week – if you watch it tomorrow you’ll see I wasn’t exactly on form – I was more than a little distracted by the thought of how to tell Mrs MSE the ring had gone.

Then it was back to the hunt. The folk at GMTV were fantastic; I’d never realised the emotion of losing such an important sentimental item before. Thankfully some bright spark had the idea of checking the tapes back; I’d done Tuesdays programme live and recorded slots for Wed before realising I lost the ring. It turned out I had it on during Tues show, but not in the Wed recording.

That was a massive help for narrowing down where it could be – so with the kind help of two more of the GMTV team I retraced my steps and started the hunt – focusing straight away on the internal ITV Starbucks (much cheaper than the real thing) where I normally go to work between slots – and there it was sitting on the table – after a brief group hug I literally breathed a sigh of relief.

Then it came back to me, I’d been so tired after a succession of early mornings and late nights that rather than my usual work focus, I’d taken five minutes to have a breather and been playing with the ring there. Quite simply I’d taken it off, laid it on the table – then got a call to come back to the studio and in my rush just left it.

It’s now firmly back on my finger… and never coming off again (I hope).

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