I hate it when taxi drivers give me blank receipts

Taxi drivers: do they give you blank receipts?

Taxi drivers: do they give you blank receipts?

I’ve just been sorting some expenses receipts out , some for trips for TV progs, others on MSE business. A mid the lot is a range of blanks from various taxi journeys. It’s often when I get out of the cab that I ask for a receipt and they just give me a blank. Now obviously this isn’t a big deal – but thought I would have a mini-whinge.

Now while I appreciate that some like this as they ‘fill in a little extra’ or get an extra receipt, it’s not something I feel comfortable with (though in a rather wimpy, way if a taxi driver says he’ll give me a few blanks I don’t object. I feel it’s slightly insulting to them and I just don’t use them).

Yet when it comes to filling in the receipt, for a legitimate journey, I always feel guilty like if I’d done something wrong. I never know whether I to try disguising my hand writing, or what to do in the signature box: pretend to sign it or not?

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