158 point single go scrabble joy

Scrabble record

Scrabble record

Over the weekend I cracked my Scrabble record for a single go-over. Better still, while I’ve scored over 100 before, this was the first time ever I got an eight letter treble-treble word.

To celebrate, and as a way for me to remember the details for personal posterity, I thought I’d turn it into a wee quiz…

Scrabble Mini Quiz

In the prior go I’d put the word “Vin” down horizontally so that the V was in the far left hand column third letter down from the top of the board – and nothing else too near it.

In the next go I had the letters EEERRD and a blank…. so what was the word… (and can you score more) ?

The answer… it’s in the white space below; simply highlight the section to read it:

The word was reverend using the blank as an N.

As it was an eight letter word the initial R and final D were both on treble word scores, and the E on a double letter score – meaning that the total score was the 12 points x 9 (treble treble) + 50 bonus for using all my tiles.

Isn’t this a bit nerdy?

It certainly is, but then as I’ve blogged before (see Scrabble – an easy way to win , Depressed at scoring 596, I hate stoozers or all scrabble blogs) Mrs MSE and I are Scrabble addicts and play at least three or four times a week. It’s a bit of an obsession and perfect for a numbers nerd like me.

You may question how I can be so sure it’s my all time single go record score. Well, rather sadly, I record the result of every scrabble game we play on a spreadsheet; and there’s a column for any individual goes above 100 points. And the record shows this is 30 points higher than the past record (which belonged to Mrs. MSE).

Now some may see this as rather obsessive, and they’d be right. In fact in my who’s who hobbies section I put ‘trying to get my Scrabble average above 400’ as the first thing. And each game when I upload I try and see whether I’m getting closer. Currently it’s at 391 and creeping ever closer (though it took 11 games to move up from 390 – we play a lot so changing the average takes time).

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