Most inconvenient illness

Inconvenient illness

Inconvenient illness

I’m writing this blog from my bed, duvet pulled up, temperature of 102, pounding head, weak limbs, cough that’s like a stabbing knife. From memory it’s my first day off sick in the last three years, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Tomorrow morning at 7am the OFT will announce whether it’s continuing with bank charges or not; I think the decision hangs in the balance, it’s a 50/50 chance at best. I’m due to talk about it on GMTV at 7.20 and 8.50, as well as a host of other interviews. Tomorrow is a watershed day for bank charges and whatever the result (whether you agree with my perspective or not) it’s important the arguments from both sides are heard.

The problem is even typing this is a strain. Certainly right now stepping out of bed is way beyond me, but I really don’t have much choice, come rain or shine tomorrow morning I’ll be on air.

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