MoneySavingExpert in Poundland shopping spree shocker!

Poundlan shopping spree!

Poundland shopping spree!

I do love the new Poundland that’s opened near MSE towers (note this is a personal view not an official MSE researched tip).

Mrs MSE and I have been there twice now and there’s something almost a wee bit addictive about it. It’s a very well laid out shop and the low homogenous price point makes it easy to load more into the shopping basket.

And there are genuine bargains there with careful picking: 750ml of diet coke or other soft drinks is 2 x 50p rather than the £1 in the neighbouring superdrug (yes I know it’s cheaper to buy a 2L bottle, but it’s much tougher to carry and we were out); there’s sugar puffs for £1, After Eight mints and giant Toblerone.

I even got myself the thinsulate hat which I’ve seen on sale for £5 elsewhere (it does make me look a bit thuggish though).

Now I think I better stop, I can’t work out if “Money Saving Expert on Poundland shopping spree” is good or bad PR for me?

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