Martyn Lewis, the man people most want to lead them out of the recession

Pulling out of the recession

Pulling out of the recession

I suspect the former newsreader is quaking in his boots today… the following story appeared in the Mirror…

Public want money guru Martyn Lewis to lead Britain out of recession, poll says

MONEY guru Martyn Lewis is the person the public want to lead Britain out of recession.
They believe he would manage Britain’s coffers better than Gordon Brown.

Lewis, who launched, has helped many people to slash their spending.
The PM came second in the poll, for media consultants Arena BLM.

The full Top 10 is: 1. Martyn Lewis 2. Gordon Brown 3. David Cameron 4. Alistair Darling 5. Alan Sugar 6. Robert Peston 7. Ken Clarke 8. George Osborne. 9. Nick Clegg 10. Lord Mandelson.”

Here’s the weblink too (we’ve suggested they change the spelling to ‘Martin Lewis’ online, so that may’ve been done when you read it).

Why Martyn Lewis should be scared

He should be scared – we’re in huge debt and that’s lumbered around our collective necks. Of course we’re going to come out of the recession any month now, but all it means is the economy will stop shrinking. It doesn’t mean we’ll get back to where we started and that’s going to be difficult.

While the poll is of course very flattering – it’s nice to know people have faith in me – frankly I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin. I’m not an economist and the vagaries of international capital flows and other macro-economic conundrums are well beyond me. There are many better qualified to do the job (and I hope he forgives me, but better qualified than Martyn too).

The funny thing is though, super-brained economists (I meet with them as I’m a governor of the LSE) don’t really know how we can get out of this mess either, or manage the economy in the good times for that matter.

It’s a bit like trying to predict the path of a drop of rainwater down a windscreen; even if it falls in the same place it goes a different way each time.

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