Hoorah! Launching Tunechecker – a Martin Lewis music site, who’d have thought?



Today www.tunechecker.com launches. Its aim is quite simple: it compares prices for over 9 million MP3 download tracks.

It feels like a day to crack open the champagne (note to self stock up on the cheap champagne) as the tunechecker’s been a bit of a pet project of the team’sI for the past number of months. MSE’s Adam, Archna and Darren especially have worked really hard on it, with great contribution from the rest of the team too.

As regular blog readers will know, me and music go together like rabbit and kettles. I’ve never bought a record, tape or CD in my life nor downloaded any tracks as I simply don’t listen to it (read my previous posts on musical knowledge and lack of records).

Then again I’ve never been in debt crisis nor had a bank charge, so there’s nothing wrong with showing people how to save money on downloads. And it’s quite fun to do something without the serious overtones involved in a lot of my work at the moment.

Having said that there’ve been occasional rolled eyes at MoneySaving towers at my severe ignorance on all musical acts apart from those who’ve been on the X-factor.

Luckily there are quite a few cool musos in MSE towers (well everyone seems cool compared to me)! Plus we hope to add more companies to the search soon to give you a wider choice of tracks.

Hope you like the tunechecker. DO let me know what you think, your input during testing has already made the tool much better.

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