Eunice Huthart!

Go Eunice!

Go Eunice!

Watched a recording of the new BBC1 drama Paradox on Sat and am enjoying it.

Yet at the end, as the credits scrolled I thought I spotted the name “Eunice Huthart”. I grabbed the remote and rewound it, and indeed I was right, she was the stunt co-ordinator.

If you don’t know who she is – don’t bother reading on – but if you do then like me you’ll probably be cheering. As a massive Gladiators fan in (I think) the early 90s, Eunice was hero.

She’s a scouse lady who won one of the big series, and frankly walked all over the Gladiators. Even better, if my memory is right she then went on to win International Gladiators before becoming a Gladiator herself; the only UK contender ever to do it.

I assume this must be the same Eunice – it makes sense to go from Gladiators to stunts – and it’s nice to see that doing the TV show gave her a leg up.

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