Over 1,000,000 visits in a day

1,ooo,ooo visits

1,000,000 visits

I wrote a story last week about how Wednesday had beaten the site’s record with 906,000 visits in a day.

Well, that was smashed again yesterday; for the first time ever the site was clicked onto a million times in a day (according to our google analytics, quite a phenomenal number. For nerds, the exact stats are as follows (record then last week’s stats in brackets):

  • 1,003,476 visits (906,727 )– ie different trips to the site
  • 811,122 unique visitors (731,856) – ie different people in the day
  • 3,339,547 page views (3,112,288) page views – the number of different pages people look at

Now I suspect the record was smashed for a couple of reasons, the first being that we redesigned the weekly email to make it easier to read, and on all metrics it seems to work. The amount of people who read it seems to have increased substantially , which of course means more people coming to the site to follow through.

Secondly, it was always quite a ridiculously packed email – with loads of very powerful “one liners” (though this week they have become three liners!) – which is what we call the deals type stuff. But it was even more noticeable this week.

The top ten were as follows…

1. High St. Sales Diary – primarily the details of M&S’s 1p sale this Friday
2. Tesco Clubcard Loophole – buy £7 CD get £20 of rewards
3. Weekly e-mail – the main email text itself
4. Discount vouchers – including £30 off Coast no min spend
5. Restaurant vouchers – usual rundown of deals
6. Grant Grabbing – how to get grants for energy efficiency
7. Shopping – the shopping section link
8. Beauty Deals – how to get free lipstick
9. Top Savings – new 3.6% easy access savings
10. Winter fuel payments – ensure over 60s get the extra cash

It also seems bizarre to add only as a footnote to this that we’ve now hit 4,000,000 emails on the weekly email list.

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