Mrs MSE’s pregnant – or so a newspaper told us!

I woke up this morning to find out that my wife is apparently pregnant – or actually she’s not, but what a weird experience… started flicking through The Independent and found a profile had been written of me…
(30 Nov – the ‘who is expecting her first child’ line has now kindly been taken out after our request)

Normally when these are done it’s on the back of an interview, so it was a little strange to read this as I hadn’t spoken to the journalist.

However it was a well-researched piece and the facts were pretty accurate all the way through (the comments I’ll leave you to judge) – until it said that Mrs MSE is pregnant. She was as shocked to read that as I was.

Now we’ve spent part of the day having to respond to relatives and friends asking “why didn’t you tell us?” after they saw it or friends of theirs called to mention it.

Even then when we explain it’s not true, some think we’re just being coy!

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