Jamie Afro reclaimed £1,200 of bank charges!

Martin Lewis & Jamie Archer at  GMTV

Martin Lewis & Jamie Archer at GMTV

Occasionally in the GMTV green room, when someone I want to meet is on air, I sit on the outside chair, so that when they come from the studio I ‘bump into them’.

I was planning to do just this with Jamie Archer, one of this year’s X-factor contestants, and a major favourite of Mrs MSE and I.

When we were lucky enough to go to see the show live, his performance was awesome. While the other acts walked out with focus and frowns, until the camera clicked, he beamed at the studio audience and had unmatched stage presence.

Yet before I had a chance he walked out of the studio and says “Martin! Wow, you’re the man – you got me £1,200 of bank charges back.” (see Reclaim Bank Charges for the latest).

He then started to say how he loves the site, and how he and his family constantly use it. A fair bit of mutual back-slapping went on, which I won’t bore you with, then we both of us got our camera phones out to take a picture.

He was in a good mood even though he’d come out of the programme last Saturday. And as befits a chap who’s been working hard on his trade for a long time to finally get his break, he has his feet planted firmly on the ground – a real gent.

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P.S. Just in case you’re wondering I did ask if he’d mind me blogging about his bank charges win – rather than just blurt out his personal scenario willy nilly. He was happy and hoped it’d inspire others to take on the big boys.