I’m obsessed with email on my phone

My obsession with emails on phone

Obsession with emails on phone

My inbox is my crucial self-managment tool. It’s my ‘things to do list’ as I send myself emails all the time to remind me to do stuff.

On top of that I get about 200-300 emails a day, excluding my public inbox, which gets 1,000s. So as you can imagine keeping on top of it isn’t easy, but I have a key motivational trick…

Its all about the scroll bar on my phone

I’ve become obsessed with the email on my phone. You see it has a scroll bar on the right hand side, and one of my goals in life is to make it disappear. In other words to ensure there are less than 12 emails in my inbox, proving to myself I’m on top of my work load.

Sadly it happening is a rarity I only usually hit on my Sunday night inbox clear out. Yet, throughout the week, I do download emails onto my phone just to judge the size of the scroll bar. If there’s not much scroll room I’m doing ok. But if there is I desperately try and quickly clear through some of the backlog, which makes me feel like the pressure is off a bit.

Right I can now delete the ‘write blog on phone email obsession’ email in the inbox.

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