Thanks to the cabbie who stopped me being such a loser

I’m a loser. I’ve a history of losing mobile phones. This isn’t the first time I’ve admitted it though, in fact there’s a whole chapter dedicated to it in the Money Diet.

Last Thursday night was another classic example. I’d been kindly invited by GMTV to the London Press Ball, which is in aid of the journalists’ charity. Coming back in the early hours I’d jumped into a black cab; thankfully the cabbie’s missus was a MoneySaver and we had a brief chat about that.

Next morning I suddenly realised there was no mobile phone in my pocket, and that sinking ‘loser’ feeling I’ve had all too many times before grabbed me in the pit of my stomach – I’d left it in the cab.

Having tried all the sadly too well-honed methods of recovery, I’d given up by the time I went to do my slot on Radio 2’s Vine at lunchtime.

Yet as I left the radio studio the producer said to me “a cab driver’s just rung in, he’s got your mobile phone and wants to know how you want to get it back”.

Now it’s back in my pocket I just wanted to say a huge thanks to him for going way beyond the call of duty to get it back to me. It’s really appreciated.

I’m going to try not to be such a loser in future.

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