Giving Evidence At Parliament: What do I wear?

Ok, mini blog, but tomorrow I’m giving evidence at the Treasury Select Committee on the Credit Application Trap, using a lot of the credit application trap feedback from the forum.

Now the other day for an informal meeting with the PM’s special advisors at number 10 (see my No. 10 blog for a pic) I wore my usual blue jeans and a shirt.

Yet this is a formal evidence session of parliament, so I’m debating whether I should break my golden rule and wear a suit. Does that make me look like something I’m not and as if I’m trying too hard, or is it irrelevant anyway?

The big problem is I will be going straight from GMTV where I never wear a suit. At the moment the halfway house option is a smart shirt as normal but proper (ie not blue jean) trousers.

Though frankly more important right now is reading the full 85-page written evidence before I go in.

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