ITV Tonight – Should I fix… What will the outcome be?

I’ve got an ITV1 Tonight programme on Friday night 8pm called “To fix or not to fix?” It’s one of those difficult ones for me as due to a bit of a crash production process (ie turning round in a short space of time), I haven’t seen the programme or the final script yet (I’m writing this at 19.40 on Thursday).

In fact I won’t see the programme at all until it goes out – never the most comfortable scenario. Essentially, it was a day where we introduced a group of mortgage holders, savers and energy customers to experts, who decided whether or not they should fix their tariffs. It was a full day and they got presentations and Q&A sessions with the experts.

Of course, in a 23-minute programme only a tiny taster of this can actually come across, so it’ll be interesting to see exactly what is picked out. I will get my script this evening and am able to alter some of the voice over lines, but the choice of clips is already completely fixed.

Sadly, one of the main stunts where I was in the city doing a coin toss gamble has had to be cut out. The premise was simple; offering people a bet on a coin toss that if they win I give them £10 but if I win they give me 10p, to show that sometimes even if you lose it doesn’t mean it was a bad decision. Bit of a pity as it was great fun to do and the people’s faces when they couldn’t believe their luck on the bet was fab.

Fingers crossed it’ll be a great watch – I know the producers are working very hard on putting it all together in time – and they normally pull the cat out of the bag superbly.

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