GMTV’s hidden pop hit predictor…

Forget pop svengali Simon Cowell, ignore music maestro Jo Whiley, take no notice of the Mercury awards, as I’ve discovered the real predictor behind the musical throne.

It’s GMTV’s Glen, and other sound operators there…

At the back of the studio is a serious mixing desk and graphic equaliser. Each band which comes in to play usually requires its own specific set up. Now, this chunk of tech has a memory of over 100 different settings.

So, when a band comes in a lot the sound guys can simply save and recall their settings on the memory to save time. Of course, regular hit makers like Westlife are on there, but the key is who else they include.

My top tip for musical success now (and my credentials are hardcore – see this blog for proof) is the artist VV Brown, as when playing last week Glen saved her in the machine as ‘she’d be back’. Watch this space!

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