Free Gu Chocolates… it was like the wildebeest mass exodus

MSE towers is in the same office complex as Gu Puds, and the following message came around by email…

“Hello Gü lovers

Anyone who wants a box of free brownies or Chocs please come up to Unit 1.2 in the next 30 minutes – first come, first serve!


I hadn’t seen the email, all I saw is a sudden mass exodus of MSE team-members, it was like a stampede of wildebeest (though slightly more graceful)… you don’t want to get in the way of a MoneySaver and a freebie.

So I followed suit and everyone managed to pick up four or five boxes each – all with best before until next Tuesday.

Sorry this tip doesn’t apply further out though Gu does have a Gu Pud Freebies page where some stuff is available.

Ta Gu.

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