Fogies and Orgies on Countdown

Yestesrday I spent my day in Granada TV studios Manchester, sitting in dictionary corner filming five episodes of Countdown, to be broadcast at the beginning of October.

Unlike last time I didn’t suffer from getting stiffies, though to paint an interesting picture, fogies and orgies did come up together.

It’s strange what you notice differently each time you do a programme. This time I was slightly obsessed with watching the countdown clock do something you never normally see on the TV.

Once it’s hit the thirty seconds, it then reverts itself to zero by continuing round the clock face (as opposed to going backwards). There’s something bizarre about watching the second hand being on the other side – having for all these years watched it only on the initial 30s.

Yet again though, having done it for the second time, the entire process was highly enjoyable – there’s a really friendly team there – so it’s quite easy to sit down (next to Suzie) and get on with it.

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