Record 878,000 web visits in one day – a billion hits a month

Last Wed (27 July) was the biggest single day the site’s ever had; a monster 878,000 people came to the site (inc. Main site, forum, tools etc) beating the previous record of 854,000 set in January.

While it mightn’t seem it, overtaking a January record is important; the site’s constantly growing, but like all money sites seasonal trends affect it, and the start of the year is always disproportionately enormous, as everyone’s sorting their cash out. Therefore to have beaten Jan in July is great.

It was also helped by the fact last week’s email was jam-packed with big subjects and savings – one of the strongest we’ve ever launched – and we got the email away without any major blocks from Internet providers (the email goes to so many people sometimes even big email clients can’t cope with the volume and just block it as a defence).

A bit more info for stat nerds.

Now as I’ve noted here before, you have to be careful when quoting web stats, as people use incorrect terms.

To give you an idea here’s the exact stats for last wed (sourced from our internal Google Analytics numbers):

  • Unique users: 710,900 different people visited the site in a day.
  • Visits: Those people made 878,000 separate visits between them (ie some came more than once)
  • Pages: They looked at 3,241,000 different pages on the site between them.

Now it’s also important to note that these stats are the DAILY numbers, whereas web stats are usually quoted and compared monthly, and again July was huge.

  • Unique users: 7,920,000 different people visited the site in a month.
  • Visits: They made 15,335,000 separate visits.
  • Pages: They looked at 68,156,000 different pages.

You’ll note there’s no “hits” figure in there. That’s because frankly it’s meaningless, it’s just about how many objects e.g. images are on a page, so a site could have lots of hits without many users just because it has lots of objects. That’s why many small sites use the term. It sounds impressive, but means nothing.

For that reason we don’t track it, but i suspect now has over a billion hits a month…

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