Warning! Don’t believe imposters working for “Martin Lewis” at Spanish airports!

We’re starting to get reports in from both Alicante and Malaga airport, that a few people have cropped up saying they’re working for me, and doing surveys about PPI misselling. This is a lie and a fraud, and with one exception (see below) everyone should walk away from them.

How their scam works…

The following is one e-mail I had from a lady who had been approached by a company calling itself Life Style…

    “A very friendly woman approached me in the restaurant area at Malaga airport at around 12.30 on Monday 6th July. She held a clip board and said to me “have you heard of Martin Lewis, the guy on TV?” I said yes and she said “I am carrying out a survey on his behalf to help people that have been mis-sold insurance, can I take 5 minutes of your time?”

    I said yes and she then continued to distract me with comments about how she liked my T-shirt, my bracelet and what colour was my lipstick. I was obviously still in “holiday mode” and would not usually take part in surveys, but as she said it was for Martin Lewis I guess I put my guard down.

    She showed me a questionnaire sheet that she had on a clip board with the company name “Lifestyle” in blue lettering across the top. I explained that my partner is a financial adviser therefore I understood the subject of mis-sold insurance but that I could probably not give her any information as I have not had any personal experiences myself.

    She then said “That’s OK if I can just take your details a member of our team will give you a call”. I then stupidly gave her my name, address and email address and then signed the sheet to say that I was happy to receive a phone call.

    To date I have not received any phone calls but I have received no end of junk emails which I would assume have been sent due to me providing her with my email address. As I said before, I generally do not give out my details but on this occasion I misread the situation.

    Luckily I think that it has only resulted in my email address being used as a marketing tool, but thinking about it if she had of asked my date of birth she may have been able to use my identity in some way.”

Please DO talk to them.

If you’ve read this and you’re a reasonably confident person who gets approached by this company please do play along.

We’re desperately trying to get any info we can on who they are, exactly what they’re saying, and especially, contact details. So if you’re in the airport and this happens I’d love your help to try and get whatever info you can.

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