The girl in the £35 dress

It’s now become an almost annual tradition that Mrs MSE and I, rather bizarrely, get invited to the Cartier polo at Windsor – one of the big events of the summer ‘social’ calendar (see past blogs how the other 1% live & Michael Buerk, what’s the manly way to hold a fan?)

This all comes about as my agent Knight Ayton as well as looking after individuals also represents specific brands, and Cartier is one of the premier ones. As always it was packed with the super glam and the super rich (and a few invited media types), with high-end socialites making polished cat-callings of “hello daaarling”, and Anton Mosimann food served in a huge marquee in the midst of a grassy field.

My favourite moment was when three uber-chic designer doyennes – young fashion PR girls – came excitedly to ask “do we have the right credit cards?” They were doing quite well, until one decided to try and persuade me that I should do a “Money Saving” slot on GMTV about how buying her company’s £3,000 handbag was a sensible investment for everybody!

Yet to balance that, in some of the fashion coverage of this designer do, where most were spending £100s or thousands, for me the most beautiful was the one wearing a £35 dress – that’s how you do it.

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