The first new website in 6 years

This week was a momentous one for the site, due to a subtle change. It marks a new stage in its development and it all revolves around the Travel Money Maximiser.

While it’s been on the site for eighteen months, we’ve just supercharged it with more providers and facilities, like a buy back comparison. Yet more revolutionary (for the site) is it now has a website all of its own:

What’s the difference?

Last year we started giving some of our tools their own URL e.g, and, yet they’re still included within the main MSE frame. Take a look at the TMM and you’ll see that my ugly mugshot isn’t at the top, and nor is the logo, it simply has a ‘brought to you by’ stamp on it.

Effectively it is an entirely new website focused purely on travel money (though the underlying URL when you click on it is still

Why bother?

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. As the main MSE site and forums have got bigger, it’s easy for users and journalists writing about these issue to forget our tools and they therefore don’t get used as often as they should – especially as most of them are totally unique and unreplicated elsewhere.

The first step was to give each its own identity URL so when they’re written about or people want to link, instead of a long name, they can quickly type in directly what they want.

Now for the major tools we’re going to give each one its own designed identity, so that newbies coming to use the tool don’t wonder why it seems to have a double header. It also helps give each tool a personality of its own, so it’s easier to remember, and hopefully more people will link to it.

Of course the hope is that they will come along and use the rest of the great things the MSE main site and forum have to offer too. Watch this space for more MSE sites, and a few very sexy new tools…

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