I hate Stoozers (17)

For those who don’t know, stoozing (18) is the name for making free money from credit cards (see the stoozers guide). You may therefore be surprised at the title of this blog (7), as it’s something I’ve long been associated with: I was the first person to broadcast a system on how to do it way back in 2000.

Yet last night Mrs MSE put “Stoozers” down on a triple word score square in Scrabble, scoring 103 points (she had two blanks!). Normally (13) of course I would try and dispute any slightly non-conventional word that’s not universally in all dictionaries, but it’s quite tough in this case (especially after my An easy way to win at Scrabble blog)

Until then I had been comfortably in the lead, now we’re neck and neck (due to finish it tonight). Bah (8) humbug (14).

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PS. I actually wrote this yesterday morning. We finished the game last night, and thankfully I got three 7 letter words so thankfully I recovered and the final score was 500-438 (our highest ever combined total).