Savings fountain HSBC… nifty idea… shame about the products

One kind MoneySaver popped me an email to suggest that HSBC was now using our Savings Fountain concept in its adverts.

The fountain idea is simple: as the highest paying after-tax savings products such as cash-ISAs or regular savers allow different amounts in them, it’s all about filling up the top product then letting the rest overflow.

And lo and behold it is, here’s a screen grab…


I first came up with this analogy more than five years ago (you can see it explained here – savings fountain) and have broadcast on it many times often using a champagne fountain as a prop.

Whether this was a spontaneous similar idea or it’s been in their pot for years I don’t know, and as you can’t copyright ideas, we’ll just look at the old adage “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”.

The only problem with HSBCs lovely graphic is the fountain is about using the best-buys, whereas HSBC’s just chosen its own products – far from top players.

So if you want to do the fountain first use the top cash ISA, then top regular savings, then top savings account. Sadly HSBC don’t appear prominently in any of those.

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