Ugh! Terrible slip. BT free line installation not line rental. Choking isn’t good!

On my GMTV Lorraine slot this morning, I was talking about BT’s free line installation deal (see free BT installation note). It’s a rare chance to avoid the usual £122.50 cost.

I’ve just had one of those calls … the producer rang to say “can I just check, at the end of the piece, you said free line rental. That was just a slip wasn’t it?” It seems BT has had calls requesting free line rental and has called GMTV.

From what I recall, I choked just before as I was speaking (you’ll remember if you saw it) and had to stop, it threw me a bit. The whole piece was about line installation, but it shows that even one word misplaced towards the end can be a problem. I suppose if I thought there was a small chance of free line rental I would’ve called too.

Though it’s very frustrating – especially as I wasn’t aware I’d done it until I got the call.

So sorry BT & anyone who saw it … sometimes the wrong word comes out.

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