Should I train bank staff … provided they check the spelling?

One MoneySaver, Chris, sent me an e-mail. He was doing a survey via Home Of research for a bank (he did say which he thought it was, but, as he wasn’t 100%, I won’t include it). It was about things it could do to increase customer satisfaction, and improve itself from a customer perspective. One option was using, what I can only assume is me, to train its employees.

Here’s a screen grab he sent:

Now the first thing I noticed was the name was Martyn Lewis, not Martin Lewis, so of course there’s a chance it’s about the former newsreader, but that does seem ridiculously unlikely.

I must admit, if I were asked to help train bank staff I’d be in two minds. I’ve done corporate speeches for financial services companies in the past, mainly along the slightly wry title of “you’re the enemy and we’re going to get you”, which is an explanation of my view about the adversarial relationship between consumers and companies. So being involved in training is an interesting concept.

Yet the truth is I’ve never believed any bank is good or bad, only their products, so to be right you’d want someone in Barclays saying “Alliance & Leicester’s account gives a 0% overdraft” or someone in Alliance & Leicester saying “Barclays cash ISA pays much more than ours”, and somehow I’m not sure the bank bosses would want this kind of training.

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